An App That Changes Your Travels



Be more relaxed when traveling and don’t get lost.

Imagine yourself:

New city, very hot, no shade, super hungry, no local around.

What would you do!?

While traveling Thailand I was introduced to an app by other travelers. It’s! Seriously, it’s absolutely amazing. I know, getting lost brings you to places you wouldn’t find otherwise… But that app helps you through cities, especially those which are represented quite poor in maps with only main roads; the app quickly lets you know whether you are walking the right direction or not; and it includes information categories, e.g. food, sights etc. that will make life easier.img_7631

I deleted it due to my smartphone capacity but downloaded it again for my trip to Berlin. In case you got some idea where to go, you could also mark these places with dots, also in different colors and add a note to them. That makes it easier to spot the places which you are planning to visit.img_7632

Get it and you’ll travel more relaxed.

A fun story of mine while using the app:

During my last days in Thailand I was glad to meet up with a local whom I met earlier during that trip. While walking home to our hostel he could hardly believe which roads I was taking us because due to the app I just led us through super tiny, hidden streets. That was quite fun to impress a local in his own city. Hehe.
Let me know what you think of the app and whether and how it helped you through your travels!


Eva 🙂



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