Ice Ice Baby!

Yaaaaaaay. It’s been a while that the sun was out. Todays great weather reminds me of a fun day with Clara, a real good friend, a while ago. We explored some parts of Cologne and she introduced me to an ice cream place: il gelate di ferigo. According to different articles and reviews, e.g. from tripadvisor, it is one of the best ice cream places in Germany. Of course I had to check whether they are right or not :D. AND sure, it is quite good :). They have a big variety of tastes, all done with a high quality of incredients. If you are a fruit lover, you have to get that kind of ice cream. The taste of that ice cream is just amazing. I am sure once you tried that ice cream, you would love to get your daily fruits like this all the time ;). We were quite happy that the quecue was still short when we arrived. Lucky us because after a while people had to wait quite a bit. So be patient if you get there 😉 it will be worth it!

Opening hours: Tuesday- Sunday 11-22

Enjoy 🙂 and let me know how much you liked it!


Eva 🙂






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