Happy Birthday leavinglovingliving !

This is amazing. I can’t believe that one year has passed since I started this blog. Thanks to a good friend who encouraged me to start back then. For a long time, I said that I would start this blog once I got my logo, though my friend kept telling me to just start this journey. So I did :).

Unfortunately, I don’t find img_6417-1as much time to write all the stories which I got. For the following year of leavinglovingliving, I hope to write more often. I can’t wait to write about all the stories I care about and for more to come.

AND my logo is about to be finished by a wonderful friend and graphic designer, pictadesign, who is making it just beautiful.

At the moment I am SUPER EXCITED for the upcoming changes…though it is super hard for me to be patience in this matter. I got many ideas and projects, which will be changing this blog most likely soon. Stay tuned and be part of it :).

Quite a while ago, I also started a Facebook page which gives you a better insight of my fun and amazing live in Cologne and around the world. Check it out, let me know how you like it… and if you find it interesting and shareable, I would be quite happy if you share it with your friends and people who might be interested.

Additionally, I am on snapchat now. img_6415This is still quite new to me 😀 hehe…. add me and get an insight of my life (and beginner snapchat skills 😀 ).

Thanks again to all of you, who read, comment and follow my blog.