Above the Roofs of Cologne


While living, we sometimes forget to explore our own environment. I lived in many places already and looking back, I often think that I could have explored the places a lot more. Therefore I changed while living in Cologne. I explore the city a lot.

This oberservation deck is one of many places I recommend for locals as well as for tourists. The observation deck is just next to the train station in Deutz which makes it easy to approach. The view onto the city is just amazing and additionally, you got some pictures on the transparent fence which shows you what you see in the distance. It is breathtaking. I have been up there a couple of times, no matter if it was sunny or rainy. As usual, the place is nicer when it is sunny but if you don’t have too much time in Cologne, just go up there and breath in its beauty. AND it is super cheap, only 3 Euros. For sure this is the cheapest public observation deck I have ever been to.



  • Super cheap observation deck (3€).
  • Close to the train station Deutz.
  • During summer: open till 11p.m..
  • The awesome bookmark was a xmas gift by my friend Saskia (rosa klee) by CoelnerLiebe.









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